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Security Solutions & Services for Every Need

Security is not a “one size fits all” solution.
Our goal is to customize and implement a security plan that will match each client’s specific needs.

Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

An armed or unarmed guard

is a valuable addition to any business environment, providing uninterrupted protection for your establishment for as many hours as you need each day. Standing guards can perform numerous tasks as assigned by the client, such as walking the grounds, deterring transients, or keeping detailed visitor logs. Choose from various looks to conceal or highlight your guard’s presence. Industrial establishments that may benefit from this service include construction sites, medical facilities, school campuses, financial institutions, hotels/motels, retail shops, and transit ports.

Commercial Property Security

Office / Industrial / Retail / Warehouse

Deter unwanted and criminal activity from happening with an on-site security presence. Security is a valuable resource that regularly interacts with trespassers and vagrants. Our commercial security services are a small investment to protect your operations.

Oceanside Patrol provides a wide variety of Security Services for Commercial and Industrial properties. 

Our guards will secure your workplace by controlling ID’s to prevent unauthorized access to the workplace or the assets of the company. 

In addition, we will strengthen your workplace security in real time by monitoring critical points such as entrance, exit, IT rooms and critical data.

Construction Site Security

Commercial or Residential Construction

Construction sites are prime targets for thieves and vandals and are often left unattended overnight and on weekends. This leaves expensive tools, equipment, and materials vulnerable. Many sites need a dedicated security presence at all hours of the night.

One of the primary concerns of any construction site manager is access, especially when the construction crew is not on the site. The primary mission at Oceanside Patrol is to function in the capacity of a strategic partner with our clients to provide an exceptional and professional level of construction security.

Special Events Security

Indoor & Outdoor Event Security

Oceanside Patrol dominates the market for private event security staffing. A team of highly trained guards can be assembled at a moments’ notice to safeguard your private event. Each team is led by a company administrator who assesses the venue and identifies vulnerabilities beforehand. With their understanding of the event’s needs, the agent can strategically assign posts and delegates tasks to ensure a smooth event. 

Focus on your event, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Residential Property Security

HOA / Gated / Condo / Apartment

Security services provide an added level of reassurance whether they are provided for personal residences or community buildings. Residential guards can patrol parking grounds for signs of suspicious activity, operate gates/authorize vehicle entrance, monitor surveillance cameras, unlock public facilities, and so much more.

Residential guards can work with HOAs to enforce rules and cite residents for infractions. They can also work directly with tenants to help them feel safe and keep them happy. Whatever the needs, we’re ready to fulfill them.